The Biggest Aquarius Celebrity Celebration Finale will be held on Feb 9, 2019 at Carragher's located at 228 W 39th St bet 7th & 8th ave, one of the famous places where the Grammys held there VIP after party. Doors open at 8p.m. with a show case hosted by Debra Coco (JGTM) & Jewelie (First Dime Bookings) till 9:30 pm. then we have a live performance by FEl Davis from the recording group"Public Announcement" General Admission: $25 b/4 Jan 25, 2019 3 Hour Open Bar $100 from 10pm-1am top shelf drinks, includes club entry. Music By Dj Chuckchillout from WBLS 107.5 fm and The MIX Tapes KINGS Dj DOO-WOP, Dj ROB-E-ROB, Dj FAMOUS house Djs A-Flo & Dj Louie-Lou Confirmed Guest ICE-T (Law&Order) Mr, Biggs Wine, M.C Debbie-D & Sha Rock from the movie Beat Streets, BTMB Magazine, EMEZ ( The Orator) from 105.1, Crossoverlivetv with Kendra, Sho Time TV, more to be announced. Dress code Black & Gold 25 and older I.D. A Must Filming & Live Streaming by, ZINGO T.V. NETWORK