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SOB's, 204 Varick St, New York City

August 21, 2020 we are celebrating the lives we lost & the ones who survived this cruel deadly disease we call Cancer. Portion of the proceeds will go to a Cancer charity of choice from our sponsors. There will be live entertainment along with celebrity special guest invitation to be announced at a later date. Music provided by: Kool Dj Red Alert from WBLS 107.5 f.m radio , D.J Lance (Brooklyn Fineness) The Bounce Master DJ Doo-Wop & The Talk of New York Dj Kid Nu.. Aquarius Boyz Family & Friends are known as "Promoters with a Purpose" because of all the awesome fund raising which they provided throughout the years for the communities. This Pink & White with a splash of Blue will support the Men & Women who were affected by Cancer. Please support this awesome cause, and tell a friend to tell a friend. Birthday celebrations are welcome.

Early Bird tickets are 20 Dollars b/4 July 1, 2020

Charity Event Blue & White 90's Theme

Andrew Freedman Hall (Grand Ballroom), 1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx New York

The Blue & White event is our charity fund raiser for Autism & Male Awareness Foundation. This is our 3rd annual event with the 90's theme. Harlem world vs Da Bronx were the communities which came together to support this awesome cause. Dj HOLLYWOOD, B-FATS, SMOOVE -SKI, DJ ROB-E-ROB, DJ FAMOUS, DJ KID NU (103.9 F.M. RADIO) & MIKE NEZZY. HOST BY BOOGIE BLACK are all working together to bring the best entertainment as possible for the people to enjoy themselves in a friendly environment. Tickets are 20 dollars before August 1, 2019 more after. place of venue is at Andrew Freedman Hall Grand Ballroom Grand concourse 1125 Grand Concourse Bx N.Y 10452. doors are open from 4 p.m.-12 a.m.

Aquarius Celebration Finale

CARRAGHER'S, 228 w 39th St (Bet 7th & *th Ave), New York, New York 10081

The Biggest Aquarius Celebrity Celebration Finale will be held on Feb 9, 2019 at Carragher's located at 228 W 39th St bet 7th & 8th ave, one of the famous places where the Grammys held there VIP after party. Doors open at 8p.m. with a show case hosted by Debra Coco (JGTM) & Jewelie (First Dime Bookings) till 9:30 pm. then we have a live performance by FEl Davis from the recording group"Public Announcement" General Admission: $25 b/4 Jan 25, 2019 3 Hour Open Bar $100 from 10pm-1am top shelf drinks, includes club entry. Music By Dj Chuckchillout from WBLS 107.5 fm and The MIX Tapes KINGS Dj DOO-WOP, Dj ROB-E-ROB, Dj FAMOUS house Djs A-Flo & Dj Louie-Lou Confirmed Guest ICE-T (Law&Order) Mr, Biggs Wine, M.C Debbie-D & Sha Rock from the movie Beat Streets, BTMB Magazine, EMEZ ( The Orator) from 105.1, Crossoverlivetv with Kendra, Sho Time TV, more to be announced. Dress code Black & Gold 25 and older I.D. A Must Filming & Live Streaming by, ZINGO T.V. NETWORK

Aquarius Boyz/ Aquarius Celebration Bash

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, NYC NYC


Aquarius Boyz/Pay Up Management


ICE-T & MICK BENZO A FINAL LEVEL PODCAST LIVE at HIGHLINE BALLROOM, awesome conversation along with interviews, come on out and see who's in the buliding.

Aquarius Boyz/WWRN RADIO

Fairfield Marriot Hotel, PA

The Grown & Sexy Tri-State get away with NY,NJ,N.C, S.C, and Maryland is gonna be a movie. The 80' & 90's pool party will be a grown & sexy jump off with Dj Hollywood, the after party will be just as grown while NJ finest Dj Wimpy Bee kicking it off with the greatest R&B mixes... please contact the Aquarius Boyz for more details. (646) 321-2217

Aquarius Boyz

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, New York, New York 10036

FORCE MD'S and The Aquarius Boyz are back at BBKINGS with an awesome show... FORCE MD'S are bringing out their family & friends. Force MD's also have a new banging single called "Dont Rush" which is killing the charts. The following Dj's will be spinning are Dj. RED ALERT & DJ MEL STARR,,

Aquarius Boyz/Payupmanagement

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, New York, New York 10036

The Biggest Aquarius Celebration Bash In NYC will be held at BBKINGS, on February 18, 2017 in the heart of NYC.. Music provided by. Da Bounce Master D.J Doo-Wop, Worldstar D.j ROB-E-ROB and The Finisher D,J Mister CEE. Confirmed Celebrity guests, Adam Huss ( From the T.V. series POWER) Vinicius Machado ( From the T.V. series POWER & True Detective) ICE-T ( From the T.V. series Law & Order) Aquarius Boyz, Female Sensation. BTMB Magazine, UME, Dj Solid Gold, more to be announced. 25 & older this is a grown & sexy event. AQUARIUS POWER! 2017

Free Christmas party for children with Autism and special needs

P.S. 168, 339 Morris Ave, Bronx N.Y.

Aquarius Boyz 4th annual Free Christmas Party for children with Autism & Special needs is taking place again. We are seeking for volunteers, sponsors, donations etc. To help our children in a time of need and affection. Entry Fee, is a toy so every child can be blessed. We will have free, bounce house, face painting, entertainment, food etc. the time will be from 12 Noon til 5 p.m..For more information contact Aquarius Boyz at (646) 321-2217.

Aquarius Boyz/Team Hollywood

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, New York, New York 10036

LADIES LET YOUR SHOE GAME BEGIN, SEPTEMBER 10, 2016 @BBKings Music Provided by; D.J HOLLYWOOD, The talk of New York DJ, KID NU and The Finisher DJ MISTER CEE. Harlem's own DJ Shorty Love, and Jermel Howard from the new up and coming movie Tupac...Free bottle of Ciroc for the Sexiest Lady in Jeans & Stilettos. Tickets 10 dollars before Aug 15, 2016 20 dollars after. A Summer ending banger!

Aquarius Boyz

Casa Blanca, 340 Walton Ave, Bronx N.Y.

The Aquarius Boyz/Team Hollywood & Payupmanagaement are back supporting Autism, Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence & Male awareness. This event will feature live entertainment by, Dj Hollywood, The Talk Of New York Dj KID NU & The Birthday Boy himself Love Bug Starski. Host By. Boogie-Black and a live performance by: Tone Trump from the number one box office movie CREED!,,Free food from 3-5 p.m. portion of the proceeds goes to our charity . Doors open from 3-10 p.m.

Aquarius Celebration Celebrity Bash

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, New York, New York 10036

The 7th Annual Aquarius Celebration Bash will be held @ BB Kings with all our celebrity friends. This is the biggest Aquarius Celebration Bash in NYC. Music will be provided by, Dj World Star ROB-E-ROB, DJ KID NU, DJ SMOOVE SKI & TWF Brucie-B, Media coverage by, Nikki Rich, ICE-T will also be celebrating his birthday with the Aquarius Boyz, The Aquarius Family, Recording artist Rakim Da God, Zieme, ED LOVER,This is an Black Tie Affair for the 25 & over crowd. Lesslie Lopez A.K.A Pink Sneakers from the T.V. series POWER with 50 cents has been confirmed, Jermel Howard from the movie American Gangster, and Tupac's new movie, Mike Bivs from New Edition, Jack Thriller & This is, Jahmar Hill from the movie, The Last Love Lost, will also be at BB Kings.

Free Christmas party for children with Autism and special needs

The Robeson School, 339 Morris Ave, Bx N.Y. 10452

Our 3rd Annual free Christmas party for children with Autism will be held at The Robeson school, from 12-4 p.m. We will have face painting, Bounce Castle, live entertainment, cotton candy, and giving away free toys, clothes etc. This is the best time of the year for our company. The smiles on the children faces is priceless...

Fighting For Autism

John's Boxing Gym , 450 E 149th St, Bx, N.Y

The 4th Annual Fund Raiser for children of Autism is back and still forever fighting within our struggles. This year we are "Fighting For Autism". We are asking for your help & support towards this great cause. There will be complementary food from the hours of 2-4 p.m. Music will be provided by Sirius XM Radio own Cutman L.G, Dj Hollywood & Dj A-Flo. A live performance by, Izaiyah Jullian who is a 9 year old boy with Autism, Jullian will be playing the piano & fighting for his own cause. Media coverage by: Bronx Network News 12, Cross Over T.V. Live with Kendra. Sho-Time T.V.invited guest will be, Assemblyman, councilman, Radio & T.V. personality, professional boxers etc. Please come on out or make a donation online to help towards the food, water, trophies, shirts, paint, chairs etc...Team Hollywood, Aquarius Boyz, Pay Up Management, Female Sensation, Aquarius Family......Promoters with a Purpose!

Brooklyn Meets Uptown

Pier 36, NYC NYC

The Aquarius Boyz, Team Hollywood, Team Mota, Pay Up Management and Fam Productions brings you the hottest boat ride in NYC along with Dj Hollywood, Dj Bent Roc(WBLS) Boogie-Black, Will Traxx, Dj L.A. LUV, Jasey Jase. Free Buffet on the boat & Free shots of Henny from 10pm till 11 p.m. by the Henny Ghost himself Boogie-Black before boarding. This is a Grown & Sexy event. All LEO's are welcome to come on out to celebrate their birthday. Tickets are 60 dollars before Aug 1, 2015. you can attend 2 both parties for 65 dollars, Aug 14, 2014 at BB Kings with the 4th Quarter Boyz & the boat ride. contact me @ (646) 321-2217

4th Quarter Boyz INVADES 42nd ST.

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, NYC NYC

Aquarius Boyz, Team Mota, 4th Quarter Boyz & Pay Up Management brings the hottest Djs to BB Kings for a Grown & Sexy event. TWF Brucie-B, Danny-D, Dj Knuckles, L.A. LUV , Big Lou, more to be announced.This party will also be the jump off party for the August 15, 2015 Boat Ride party @ Pier 36 when Brooklyn Meets Uptown, with Boogie-Black, Will Traxx, Dj L.A.LUV, Dj Hollywood, Dj Bent Roc (WBLS) Jasey Jase more to be announced. 2 for 1 events for 65 dollars! Special LEO's birthday celebration package.

Aquarius Boyz

Casa Blanca, 140th Walton ave, Bronx N.Y.

The Castle Reunion Day Party with D.J Hollywood & Dj Spice Nice, This reunion party will bring back our Castle lovers & bottle poppers... Our celebrity friends will be coming to share this moment with us. This is an event you would want to Come to witness how the Castle became the number 1 club in the Bronx.. Tickets only 15 dollars slightly more at the door. # 646 321-2217

4th Annual Blue & White Affair Fund Raiser.

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, NYC NYC

Payupmanagement/Aquarius Boyz/Team Hollywood, brings the 4th Annual Blue & White Affair Fund Raiser to BB Kings, supporting Autism and The Male awareness Foundation. With live performance by: Kool Moe Dee ( How you like me now) ROB BASE ( It takes 2) Meli'sa Morgan( Do Me Baby & Fool's Paradise) and Octaiva (2 the Limit) Music provided by: Team Hollywood own Dj Hollywood & The original B-Fats also by The Heavy Hitters own Dj Bent Roc from WBLS 107.5 FM. Host & performance by: Mr. Facts... Boogie Black...This is just one of the few charity events which we come together to support for our communities every year. We also support Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence. Portion of the proceeds goes to Autism & The Male Awareness Foundation for this event. We appreciate your love & constant support. Advance tickets are 20 dollars before June 1, 2015... 25 dollars after, slightly more at the door.

20 dollars before June 1, 2015 25 dollars after. Age limit: 21+ or w/adult

Aquarius Boyz presents Force MD'S 30th Anniversary Live Concert

B.B. Kings, 237 west 42th St, New York, New York 10036

Aquarius Boyz, Payupmanagement & Team Force MD's has come together to bring you one of the greatest groups of all times, to perform all their greatest hit songs, tickets are 20.00 dollars before March 1, 2015, 25.00 dollars after. Force MD's will have special guest appearances, music will be provided by the WBLS 107.5 FM family. Dj Bent Roc & Dj Marly Marl, the event will be host by quiet storm very own...Lenny Green. This will be a sold out event, so please get them early bird tickets.